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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 11:24 am
Bought some new clothes - henley-style tops and a hoody, and camo cargo shorts, a few tees and short-sleeved shirts. Been wearing the shorts quite a bit off and on since the weather improved. I was never one for wearing shorts much until the last year or three but now I like it a lot. Legs are still pasty white, though :-)

I dug out some of my old jeans that I haven't worn for a while, too. Have to ring the changes a bit now and then. Wore a really nice dark blue pair of chino/cargo type trousers on Sunday, but they really emphasise my hips, which sucks. They're really too good for work

Still thinking I should buy a binder. Light layering makes me look reasonably flat, depending on what I'm wearing, and mostly I'm okay with that, but I'd really like to be properly flat sometimes, you know? I envy all these trans kids on Tumblr and Youtube who are flat-chested and look great. Then again, I'm not exactly a kid any more. But, still. It would be nice to be properly flat sometimes

Drawbacks are the obvious ones - long-term binding can be damaging to you, sometimes seriously. It doesn't happen to everyone, I would assume, it depends on your body/boob size/binding habits, but as top surgery isn't on my horizon at the moment, it's something to bear in mind. I wouldn't want to bind at work anyway, as it's a physical job, can be hot, and I'm not out as male. I don't think my workmates would really freak out that much, but I don't want to deal with the inevitable questions as to why I'm doing it. Particularly as I'm not 100% on my inner-maleness.

Will have to think more about this.